Brett Kavanaugh Interrupts Wife In Interview And Refuses To Allow Wife To Answer Question For Herself

President Trump’s nominee to fill Justice Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court, federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh, took a cue from the president who nominated him last night. Kavanaugh appeared on Fox News where he sat alongside his wife and answered questions about accusations from two women that he sexually assaulted them.

The interview was a blatant clearly politically motivated. It should come as no surprise that the interview produced little in terms of substance. It was essentially Kavanaugh on repeat saying he wants a “fair process” and to clear his name. There were not many surprises in the interview, except of course for the Judge’s unnecessary and pointless claim that he was a virgin during both high school and college.

Kavanaugh issued blanket denial after blanket denial. At one point, Fox News reporter Martha MacCallum asked Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley a question directly. MacCallum asked, “Do you believe there should be an FBI investigation into these allegations and that a pause should happen and, you know, sort it all out? If there’s nothing to worry about and nothing to hide, why not have that process, Ashley? And then I’ll ask you that, Brett.”

In video of the interview, Ashley Kavanaugh can be seen about to answer the question when her husband rudely interrupts, talking over her, and not allowing her to answer the question she specifically was asked. Kavanaugh responded for her saying, “I mean, I’ve said all along and Ashley, too, I want to be heard.“ He continued, “I was first interviewed last Monday, the day after the allegation appeared by the committee staff under penalty of felony, and I denied this categorically and unequivocally and I said twice during that, I said, ‘I want a hearing tomorrow,’ last Tuesday, a week ago.”

It did not take long for Twitter to notice Kavanaugh’s demonstrable chauvinism toward his own wife. University of Alabama Law Professor Joyce Alene tweeted: “Brett Kavanaugh cutting off his wife Ashley so she couldn’t answer a question put to her about whether there should be an FBI investigation was everything I needed to know about his attitude towards women.”


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