Fox News Guest Says Science and Data Prove Trump Is ‘Most Sound-Minded Person to Ever Occupy the White House’

You just can’t make this stuff up anymore.

Gina Loudon, a media personality and member of Trump’s 2020 Advisory Council, appeared on Hannity Wednesday night to drop one of the most ridiculous hot takes shared on live television in a while.

Speaking with Sean Hannity about the stunning New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous Trump official that trashes the president, Loudon declared it the product of “Trump derangement syndrome.”

She continued: “My book actually uses science and real data and true psychological theory to explain why it is quite possible that this president is the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House.”

Seems legit. “Literally, liberals’ heads are going to explode at what you just said,” Hannity joked.

“And that’s the fun part of the madness, just watching them go crazy, over the fact that he’s really pretty unfazed by them,” Loudon added (Trump has tweeted about the Woodward book and the NYT op-ed 15 times in two days.)


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