Melania Trump Just Announced Where She’s Taking Her ‘Be Best’ Program Next, And It’s Ridiculous

First lady Melania Trump is in New York with her husband who is attending the 73rd annual General Assembly of the United Nations, and she gave remarks in New York on Wednesday. Melania announced, during those remarks, the four countries she will be visiting during her upcoming trip to Africa.

The first lady’s tour of Africa will be her first international trip without her husband since he took office. The first lady announced that she will stop in Malawi, Kenya, Egypt, and Ghana on her visit to the continent. Melania will leave for her trip on Monday.

While announcing the details of her trip, the first lady said the four countries she plans to visit are “beautiful and very different.” Melania also said that all four nations have “worked alongside USAID and our partners to make great progress in overcoming some of their biggest challenges.”

The first lady continued, praising the “work this administration is doing through the work of USAID and others.” She also said that she looked forward to “take the message of my Be Best campaign to many of the countries and children throughout Africa.”

Melania touted her Be Best initiative during her remarks at the United Nations. She said, “Whether it is education, drug addiction, hunger, online safety or bullying, poverty or disease, it is too often children who are hit first, and hardest, across the globe.”

She added, “Each of us hails from a country with its own unique challenges, but I know in my heart we are united by our commitment to raising the next generation to be happy, healthy, and morally responsible adults.”

The first ladies of both Malawi and Ghana were in attendance during first lady Melania Trump’s address. Melania refrained from denigrating African nations like her husband did earlier this year. While meeting with lawmakers in the Oval Office, President Trump said: “Why are we having all these people from s**thole countries come here?”


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