REPORT: Melania Trump Humiliated By Stormy Daniels Description of Her Husband’s Package

First lady Melania Trump is subject to regular and repeated humiliations as accounts of her husband’s countless infidelities dominate headlines. Recently, adult film star Stormy Daniels, who reportedly had a one-time affair with the president while he was married to Melania, has been sharing her account of that encounter with the public.

Stormy has recounted her experience with Donald Trump in vivid detail. Stormy has described President Trump’s genitals, likening them to Super Mario Bros. Toad character. Specifically, Stormy explained that Trump has “A d*** like the mushroom character in Mario Kart.”

As might be expected, that comment has gone viral on social media. In the wake of the revealing details, the first lady has expressed embarrassment and anger. According to Hollywood Life, “Melania feels embarrassed over the disgusting remarks made by Stormy regarding the Donald’s penis.” A DC insider continued, telling Hollywood Life, “Melania feels like Stormy’s description of his penis is rude, disrespectful and just plain wrong. Melania is furious over the ridiculous statements and she wishes Stormy would be quiet and go away.”

In her tell-all book, Stormy described the president’s penis as  “smaller than average” and said her encounter with Trump was “the least impressive sex” she had ever experienced. Stormy reportedly explains in her book that Trump offered her a spot on his reality show The Apprentice, in exchange for having sex with him. She described his offer to give her a “cheat” so that she might appear on more episodes.

Daniels’ book is scheduled to be published next month and promises more excruciating detail about her experience with the man who would become the President of the United States. For his part, the president has denied the allegations in Daniels’ book. The first lady has remained publicly quiet about the allegations and about Daniels’ book.

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