Trump Is Raging In The White House While Watching Hearing Because Ford ‘Seems Credible’

Sources close to the president have shared his reaction to today’s Senate judiciary committee hearing with Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel Sherman. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is before the Senate judiciary committee today, testifying about the sexual assault she suffered, she says, at the hands of the current nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Thursday’s hearing began with testimony from Ford who recounted in painful detail the sexual assault.

Trump is watching the hearing on Fox News and according to Sherman, he does not like what he is seeing. One source told Sherman that the president is “raging at how bad this has been for Republicans so far.” Trump has reportedly told people that so far, Dr. Ford “seems credible.”

Another source told Sherman that the president is furious with White House aides because the aides “didn’t have advance knowledge of how credible Ford would seem.”

Another Trump supporter said that they also thought the hearing was going badly for the Republicans and even joked that the Republican committee members’ hired gun, Rachel Mitchell was doing such a terrible job of cross-examining Ford that she “must be working for the Democrats.”

During a rambling 90-minute news conference in New York yesterday, the president, while defending Kavanaugh did say he wanted to hear what Dr. Ford had to say in today’s hearing. It appears that he is not getting what he wished for. Instead, he and his fellow Republicans are getting what MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace called the “worst case scenario,” a credible victim who does not want to be there but is testifying nonetheless.

Even Fox News hosts can see how damaging Ford’s testimony is to Republicans. Fox News host Christopher Wallace called Ford’s testimony, a “disaster for Republicans.” While Fox senior judicial analyst, Andrew Napolitano said the Ford is an “exceptionally credible” witness.

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