Trump Just Said China Respects Him Because Of His ‘Very, Very Large Brain’ In OFF THE RAILS Presser

During an absolutely batsh*t crazy press conference Wednesday, Donald Trump said China respects him because of his “very, very large brain.”

Asked if he could provide evidence of Chinese attempts to interference in the mid-term elections, Trump stressed that there is evidence but that his relationship with China’s President Xi Jinping remains friendly.

“We have evidence. It’ll come out. It didn’t come out of nowhere [sic]. They’ve actually admitted that they’re going after farmers. I like China, and I like President Xi a lot,” Trump said. The president opened the press conference talking about trade, particularly stressing his good relationship with Japan and Mexico.

“The relationship is very good with Mexico, and with Canada, we’ll see what happens. China would like to see me lose an election because they’ve never been challenged like this … We’re doing very well with our situation with China with trade,” Trump said.

Trump later said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent him “two of the most beautiful letters” and that they were “a piece of art.” During the U.N. General Assembly, Trump also stressed that he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have “a wonderful relationship going,” and stressed that the country is in the process of denuclearizing.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to travel to North Korea next month to begin planning a second summit between Trump and Kim. Still, the details of the country’s denuclearization process remain opaque.

Trump said that international sanctions will remain in place until denuclearization is verified.


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