Trump Says Democrats Can’t Impeach Him Because He’s Doing Such A ‘Great Job’

According to a new interview with Bloomberg News, Donald Trump knocked Democrats’ threats of impeachment, saying his job performance makes it impossible to impeach him.

Trump suggested that his work on trade and other issues had boosted his popularity too high for Democrats to be able to consider impeachment.

“I don’t think they can impeach somebody that’s doing a great job,” Trump told the news outlet. “You look at the economy, you look at jobs, you look at foreign, what’s going on with other countries. You look at trade deals. I’m doing a great job.”

The president went on to say that a prospective impeachment would forever lower the bar in terms of the evidence required to impeach a president under an opposition-controlled Congress.

“So you get elected as a Republican or a Democrat and the opposite party gets put into the House. That would mean, oh, let’s impeach him. Can’t do it,” Trump continued. “If you look at the definition of impeachment, that’s a high bar and that would take a long time to fight that if you’re doing a good job. And I’m doing a great job.”

Dozens of Democrats in the House have joined on to an effort to impeach the president in recent months, though the effort has gained little traction among House Democratic leaders.

If Democrats were able to pass articles of impeachment following a possible takeover of the House in November, the measure would go to the Senate where two-thirds of senators would be required to vote for the president’s removal.

Democrats are hoping to take 23 seats in the House and two in the Senate in November as the party attempts to regain control of both chambers of Congress.

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