Trump’s Golf Cart Rentals Have Cost American Taxpayers More Than $300K

According to TMZ, Donald Trump’s golf cart rentals in the U.S. have cost taxpayers $300,675 since he took office in January 2017.

Federal documents indicate many of these expenses come from Trump’s time at Mar-a-Lago. Secret Service uses the golf carts to follow Trump on his golfing excursions.

The total expense of Trump’s golf outings, including Secret Service protection, comes out to an estimated $77 million, according to TMZ. The figure only refers to Trump’s domestic golf outings, not when he has played overseas.

Critics have often slammed Trump over the cost and frequency of his golf trips. Most recently, the president was met with large protests when he played at a Virginia golf course on the day of the late Sen. John McCain’s funeral at the end of August.

Democratic lawmakers last month penned a letter to the acting inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security demanding details on Secret Service expenses during Trump’s trip to his golf course in Scotland in July. The Democrats were responding to a report that indicated Trump’s time on his Turnberry golf course cost taxpayers over $1.2 million.

Some have accused the president of profiting off of his golf trips personally, as he typically visits his own clubs, an accusation that the Trump Organization has pushed back on.

“For United States government patronage, our hotels charge room rates only at cost and we do not profit from these stays,” George A. Sorial, the Trump Organization’s executive vice president, said in a statement to People Magazine.

Just a quick reminder of the times when Trump slammed former President Barack Obama for golfing:

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