Trump’s Golf Outings Have Cost American Taxpayers Approximately $77 Million

Before and during his campaign for the White House, Donald Trump made no attempt to hide his disdain for President Barack Obama’s love of the game of golf.


However, Trump, who owns or runs 17 different golf courses, 12 of which are in the United States (including the White House North, aka Trump National in Bedminster, N.J.), is putting Obama to shame.

Politifact reported that as of May 18, 2018, “the score of confirmed golf outings was Trump 56, Obama 37.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now here’s the kicker. Trump, who is worth millions, if not billions, is passing on the cost for his golf habit to us, the American taxpayers, per TMZ:

Taxpayers footed bills totaling $300,675 for golf cart rentals alone, so the Secret Service could follow Trump on the links … this according to federal documents obtained by TMZ.

Many of the expenses emanate from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago excursions. And, get this … since taking office Trump has reportedly spent 153 days at golf properties, which explains why the golf cart rental is sky high.

Since Trump took office, the total expense of his golf outings cost taxpayers an estimated $77 MILLION.

Now, Trump has much bigger problems to deal with right now, including a tell-all book by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward and an anonymous Op-ed in the New York Times spilling West Wing secrets about the incompetence of the Trump administration.

But spending literally one-quarter of his time in office as President at golf courses (some of which he owns) would only seem to create more problems at at time when it’s hard to imagine things getting much worse at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Check out Trump Golf Count for more.

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