Tucker Carlson Claims America Was Better 50 Years Ago Cause There Weren’t So Many Immigrants And Stuff

Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo called out Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his show last night for saying America was “better” when he was born, as Acevedo tied the comment to Carlson’s recent anti-diversity crusade.

“When I was born, America was fine,” said Carlson, who is 49, during a debate on US immigration policies. “It was a better country that it is now in a lot of ways, it’s not just about immigration.”

“You think so?” Acevedo asked. “In what sense was it a better country, what metric?”

“It was a more cohesive country,” Carslon explained, to which Acevedo replied by asking if the host liked that America better because “it was a less diverse country.”

Carlson went into defense mode after that remark, saying, “It’s not about race actually, don’t make it that way. The middle class was vibrant when I was born — it’s dying now.”

The comments occurred during another one of Carlson’s immigration rants, which have become increasingly controversial. Many critics have accused Carlson of pushing white nationalist talking points or identifying with the movement himself.

He even recently claimed that diversity hurts America and asked, “How, precisely, is diversity our strength?”

Twitter called him out:


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