Watch Sen. Marco Rubio Almost Fight Conspiracy Clown Alex Jones, ‘I’ll Take Care of You Myself!’

Sen. Marco Rubio and InfoWars founder Alex Jones on Wednesday got in a heated exchange outside the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing addressing social media.

Rubio tried to stay on topic by talking about foreign disinformation campaigns and alleged big tech bias against conservatives, but he had to deal with Jones repeated interruptions.

The encounter consisted of Jones mocking Rubio and calling him a “frat boy,” as the senator tried to laugh things off and ignore him.

Jones repeatedly interrupted Rubio, mocking him, as he was being interviewed by a number of reporters, talking about the repression of conservative speech.

“I don’t know who you are man,” Rubio said to the conspiracy theorist.

When Jones reached out to touch Rubio’s shoulder, the senator warned him not to touch him again.

Jones asked if Rubio would call the police on him.

“You’re not gonna get arrested man,” Rubio said. “I’ll handle it myself.”

Rubio continued to shrug off Jones as best he could, and when he left the interview, he told reporters: “You guys can talk to this clown.”

“Go back to your bathhouse!” Jones cried at Rubio as he walked away.

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