Yale Psychiatrist Says Trump’s Mental Health Is Getting Worse, ‘Unable To Tolerate Reality’

Bandy Lee is a professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. Lee says that last year, White House insiders reached out to her, concerned that President Trump was mentally “unraveling.” Lee has been actively involved in the conversation around the current president’s mental health.

Lee created a conference discussing the obligation of professionals in the mental health field to inform the public about the serious dangers Trump brings to the White House. She also authored the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.”

Lee was recently interviewed for Salon. In that interview, she describes the president’s mental health as getting worse. She pointedly said, “I suspect he is unable to tolerate reality.” Lee told Salon that she was not surprised that someone from inside the administration chose to pen an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times detailing the internal resistance to the president’s worst inclinations. She described the op-ed as a cry for help, a common phenomenon for those dealing with the mental health issues of others.

Lee said, “Donald Trump has shown a number of symptoms which are now quite obvious to even an untrained person.” Lee continued, “He is impulsive. He is reckless. He has shown a lack of empathy and a lack of concern about consequences. His grip on reality is loose. I suspect he is unable to tolerate reality for what it is. So, Trump has to make himself into a person who is infallible and an expert on everything.”

Lee warned that Trump’s mental health issues can “overcome healthy individuals through their sheer force.” She explained that “This is why I believe Trump has been so difficult to remove through the 25th Amendment, impeachment or other checks and balances, because he is so amenable and easy to manipulate. This means that all variety of extreme policies which wouldn’t have passed under a healthier president are possible under this one.”

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